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Patented Holdup Clips and Gripper Clasps

 Holdup Suspender Company the USA manufacturer of top quality patented suspenders for men and women exclusive No-slip Clips or new Gripper Clasps.

Purchase Patented Holdup No-slip metal or plastic suspender clips with quantity discounts and repair or replace your older suspender clips.

Patented USA made Holdup Suspender Company no-slip clips and Gripper clasps

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FEATURES of the Holdup metal or plastic no-slip clips:

  • Security - Holdup Suspender Company guarantees our exclusive no-slip clips will never Slip-Slide or Pop Off your pants. These cannot accidentally be knocked off or easily removed even by an expert pick pocket. Attaches to clothing in plain sight with compact clip that works.

  • Convenient- Snaps open and locks shut in seconds. Can be attached to any type of clothing anywhere from shirt pocket, lapel to sleeve.

  • Strong but gentle- needle sharp center pin can hold any weight ID badge including retractable types while the built in fabric lock keeps even the most delicate cloth from tearing or fraying due to constant wear. The ID strap or shirt pocket will break, tear or pull apart before our clip will let go.

  • Flexible clip manufacturing - We make them so we can customize them to your needs. Our clips can accommodate any style of  attachment to badges from snap strips to self adhesive plates. We even make a new JUMBO SIZE clip for heavy retractable badges, or police communication
     mics that can attach anywhere in either black or Nickel plated metal finishes!

  • New design patent granted to Holdup Suspender Company for their composite plastic "Suspender Buckle" or Gripper Clasp that holds tighter the harder you pull on them. These secure suspender clasps allow you right through airport and courthouse metal detectors as they're made of strong composite plastic. Perfect also for quiet military suspender applications or even police swat teams 


 Introducing... A new suspender clip that gets a grip and just won't slip! Finally, a new suspender clip so different the government issued us the first patent on the design of suspenders in a 124 years! Now you can reach, bend, run...move any way you want without having your suspender clips slip. With the "No-Slip Suspender Clip" it's possible. They just can't slip. The patented No-Slip clip has a center pin that works like a needle to lock into your waistband without cutting or damaging the fabric. 

Holdup Suspender Company sells replacement Patented suspender no-slip clips and Gripper clasps in a variety of sizes with quantity discounts

Purchase our patented metal no-slip suspender or ID badge clips form this link to one of our other Holdup Suspender Company websites...  Use these patented clips to replace the worn out metal clip on your older suspenders. Make your nostalgic older suspender braces come back to life using our superior metal clips or the newly patented plastic GRIPPER CLASPS in various sizes. 

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 to purchase replacement no-slip clips and Gripper clasps with QTY discounts. The No-Slip Suspenders are assembled in the USA with the finest materials... Please review some of our suspender clip patents below.



Holdup Suspender Company and Sal Herman have received a new active patent  # D614,946 S with an improved clip design on May 4th 2010, which will be used in our suspender lines. See the old expired Framed patent certificate, and newly issued one, on display in Sal Herman's Holdup Suspender Company Office....



Sal Herman of Holdup Suspender Company received Patent D619,495 S on July 13th 2010 for the new "suspender buckle" "Gripper Clasp" design. This composite plastic Gripper Clasp is used as an alternative to the patented metal clip in some Holdup suspender styles  … Click here http://www.holdup-suspenders.com/clips.htm